Our experience says that more than half of the Tankless Water Heater breakdowns take place because of faulty installation. Considering it easy, homeowners choose to perform either a DIY installation or call a random technician to do so. Both of these practices result in appliance repairs or sudden appliance breakdown. Several homeowners across Toronto have experienced this and it is only now that people are beginning to choose professional installation over DIY installation. Tankless World offers world class Water Heater installation services at affordable rates. We service all makes and models of Tankless Water Heaters including Rheem, Rinnai, Bradford White, GSW, Norien, Bosch, Noritz and all other top leading brands. We make sure every single homeowner gets the perfect installation of their tankless units and enjoy non-stop provision of hot water.

Preventive Maintenance

Every home appliance requires maintenance and so do Tankless Water Heaters. The primary maintenance that the tankless units need are:

Tankless Water Heaters are a little tricky to maintain. Many homeowners have a perception that Tankless units do not need maintenance and thus they forget the appliance once after installing it. On the other hand, there is a vast majority that fails to perform maintenance either due to lack of skills or lack of time. In order to provide solutions to all such homeowners, Tankless World is providing exclusive preventive maintenance services for Tankless Water Heaters. Our preventive maintenance services include an annual program for our existing members as well as maintenance services for non-existing members. The benefits that our Preventive Maintenance Plans offer is that they are:

Repair and Replacement

While there are hardly a few technicians that actually perform a proper Tankless Water Heater repair, we are proudly among those Toronto experts that install, maintain, repair and replace the Tankless units with supreme precision and efficiency. In addition to providing the sales and installation services, we offer Tankless repair services and Tankless replacement services. Whether you've broken your unit, looking for a pro to perform the repairs, seeking a unit replacement or even relocation, Tankless World is ready to say ''Yes'' to all your tankless Water Heater needs both everyday and accidental.

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