What Our Customers say...

Dennis Scott Business Man - Toronto

" Converting to tankless is not easy. That's what I had always thought and continued to use conventional tank water heater unit. But eventually, I had to change to tankless and thanks to Tankless World for making it super easy for me. "

Brian Oliver Homeowner - Mississauga

" I guess the best thing about tankless is that you don't have to wait. And the same is the best about Tankless World. I loved it when my Water Heater problem was fixed with a prompt and professional response. Recommended! "

Natasha Anderson Homeowner - Richmond

" You never know which service is the best unless you try it yourself. I chose Tankless World with the doubt that I might or might not be satisfied at the end. But I'm absolutely happy with the services. Everything's satisfactory. "

Aoki Steven Shop Owner - Westdale

" My tankless water heater had stopped working and it was worrisome because I had just bought it last year. I thought I'll have to replace it but many thanks to Tankless World for repairing my unit and saving me several hundred dollars. "

Samuel Oliver Homeowner - Burlington

" I was absolutely tired of my tankless water heater. I had it repaired quite like a trillion times. This time, I switched the tech and chose Tankless World. Just realised my unit had issues every other day because I had a wrong tech. "

Eneli Gord Business Woman - Toronto

" It is better to choose a service that is new and delivers than to choose old services that fail to deliver. Tankless World is new and I just randomly took its services. But it's much better than many other services. Choose it confidently! "

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