Financing & Rebates

Purchase today, pay Tomorrow

With our financing facility, we make it possible for homeowners to purchase world class tankless water heater units even when their budgets are low. There are different financing plans that we offer including the monthly instalment, yearly instalment and one-time instalment with zero% interest rates for a significant period of time. Our financing plans can best be described as, "purchase today, pay tomorrow". Turn your financial insecurities into securities with Tankless World.

Magnificent Rebate Plans

Rebates are cool, aren't they? Since tankless is taking the ground by getting more and more popular in Canada, there's a large population willing to convert to Tankless Water Heaters. In order to make the "hot water for life" dream come true for as many homeowners as we can, Tankless World is making purchase and services of Tankless units as affordable and they were never before. The Rebates Plans are a part of it. We offer occasional, seasonal and annual Rebates, both government and non-government so that you could convert to Tankless without any discomfort or financial insecurities.

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