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Tankless World, based in Toronto, ON. is committed to providing every single home of Toronto with world class water heating solutions. With reasonable rates, professional technicians, in time services and quick response time, it is Tankless Worlds that deserves to be your priority service for all the Tankless needs.

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Dennis Scott Homeowner - Toronto

" Converting to tankless is not easy. That's what I had always thought and continued to use conventional tank water heater unit. But eventually, I had to change to tankless and thanks to Tankless World for making it super easy for me. "

Brian Oliver Homeowner - Toronto

" I guess the best thing about tankless is that you don't have to wait. And the same is the best about Tankless World. I loved it when my Water Heater problem was fixed with a prompt and professional response. Recommended! "

Natasha Anderson Homeowner - Toronto

" You never know which service is the best unless you try it yourself. I chose Tankless World with the doubt that I might or might not be satisfied at the end. But I'm absolutely happy with the services. Everything's satisfactory. "

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Frequently Asked Questions

Consider the everyday use of hot water at your home. There are online charts available that help calculate the GPM (Gallon Per Minute) of hot water that the home fixtures take. Use those charts to calculate the usage and when you're off to purchase, see the GPM efficiency of the units. Purchase what satisfies your needs. The size issue will automatically be covered.
Overtime, minerals and other sediment settle at the bottom of the Water Heater that if not cleaned may transform into hard layers and affect the unit’s efficiency. It is, therefore, that the cleaning of tankless units at least once a year is recommended. However, if the unit is used exceptionally, better to clean it every 6 months.
Usually, we don't. In order to make sure we are only dealing in excellence, we sell reliable units ourselves and exclusively offer Installation services for them. However, it depends on whether or not we are available. If our technicians are available and we are certain that the unit a homeowner has purchased from elsewhere is a quality brand, we do accept the installation requests for the units that are not purchased from us.
Our recommendation for sure would be, No! That is what we tell all homeowners, particularly about Tankless Water Heater. There are a lot of technicalities involved in the installation of these units. A large number of tankless unit breakdowns have one common reason, i.e unprofessional Installation. So, it is better to take professional services than to put your unit at risk. Call a pro.
It depends on several factors. Since the average lifespan of a tankless unit is 10-15 years, the unit can be used for 3 more years provided that it has been given regular maintenance. However, if you've been negligent about proper maintenance and the unit is costing you too much on repairs, consider replacing it.
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